About us

“Eurocom” LLC was established in 1997 in Dnipropetrovs‘k, which is the industrial, economic and geographical сenter of Ukraine.

The company’s primary activities are:

  • to conduct the compliance of the agricultural growing on its own fields with the latest European norms for bio-production;
  • to sell this production to the EU countries.


The company and its fields are certified by a certification-control body of the EU.

We confidently operate both on the European and on the global markets of food production. Our experienced staff does its best to conduct trading activities and to provide other relevant services in the simplest way for your convenience.

We offer

Primarily grown cultures: sunflower seeds Bio, soft wheat Bio, rape seeds Bio, flax seeds Bio, millet Bio.

Besides bio-production we also offer conventional agricultural production and the products of its processing (flour, sunflower oil, oilcake, etc.)

We also have vast experience in custom-built growing.

Looking forward to your inquiries and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!